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Helpless, the three had to return to the shore of the small sailing boat, in the only cabin began to But the shadow, just under his eyes, suddenly disappeared. After I heard the message, the two men went away. The vortex on the entrance is just a miniature version of the deep sea. Ji Laosan's mouth was suddenly turned away, and he was crazy! The earth is shaking and the mountain is shaking The little thief cat holds the blood whip of Xuan snake and leans on its master's side, becoming He's holding on to a little bit of energy, trying to absorb it. Gaoyang has been harmed by all these years Anyway, there is no way to win the championship, it's better to put all the eggs in one basket a "However, he has been a potential spiritual realm for many years, and he knows all the races and for The bottom of the table is attracting more and more people from the bottom of the table. Jiang Hanmo stood for a long time and shook his head. He knew that the "boss" had left because he ha Although Tang Yu came to save people, now he is in a rage. After hearing Xiao Qi's words, withou Yang Kai raised his head and laughed: "you remember clearly." Luo Li soft voice, beautiful eyes, there is a gentle, that touch around the finger soft, enough to l Valve Wei and heavy hammer don't understand the real role of empty thunder drops. They just feel Shi Bing borrowed the body, and Shi Bing inherited a great favor from the predecessor of the body.

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