With a bang, the blood sea Luocha was directly brushed into the Yao pool! This year, eunuch Wang was in full swing and declined. According to the situation, he could judge th It doesn't matter if we don't contact with each other. As soon as we contact, many people ha At that time, the sword was more powerful than that of the sun. He should not have made such a low-level mistake in such a situation. Lin Ming clenched his fists and calmed down completely. The wind and rain Chen took a step. In an instant, a strong wave blew up, which made everyone's Two Jurchen warriors roared into the inner circle. "No problem, monkey brother. If I win, you can pay half of it, and then I will share it with you. Ho "We are human beings! We can't do such things as the moon in the sky and the Jiaojiao in the wat Li Mang's hard way, he suddenly felt that he was so cruel, and even wanted to follow her words, Waving the weapon with blood in his hands, he sent out a series of crying and howling. Merlin shook her head: "but in terms of Cohen's character, you think he can give a light to luhm She told herself from the bottom of her heart. Those who are "Tianya Hui" don't dare to say a word. With a helpless sigh, the goat had to give up, and instead, he watched carefully to see if any suspi So the next morning, Yan Xiaobei came to the hospital on the 18th floor of the teaching building. He thought of and thought of the reaction of the governor's office on the battlefield of man and

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