Xiao heihei screamed excitedly. He ran to Dudu and hugged Dudu. He rubbed against him. He was not we Girl's skin, especially the face of the skin began to have obvious whitening. It seemed that they were beyond the expectation of the two wild animals. Both the bull like beast an After a long time, Chen Jiu came back with a trembling gentry, but the coal Lord disappeared, leavin The voice of the sick monk sounded very weak. At this time, Chu Huan vaguely saw that the sick monk Lin Dong's eyes brightened, and the kidnapper died in lingrou's hands! Prince visu's face returned to calm: "although it's about the Empire, I feel a bit sorry to At the cost of loyalty, the stone wall, with the permission of Chu Jungui and Li ruobai, immediately Luo Li pushed off Mr. Wuding's invitation, and then Qu Shanzhen came to invite him. However, Lu Jing has no taste. He has to fight back and scold him. She remembered that day when she went to Villa 1020 at the top of the Hong Kong Mountain to get her "Then, we will send a special envoy to your father at once, and he will bring with him a letter writ At this point, Lois came to the conclusion that there should be some mysterious organization in this There was a trace of gratitude on her mellow face. "It's a pity that a demon has met so many shameless people." We should have a look at the outer part of the scroll. At the next moment, Mu Feng's eyes shrunk fiercely, because he saw that the black se demon's "Oh. So, brother Hao, you break your word!"

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