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She can't believe it, but she knows that this is not a situation that she and Lin Huang can cope "I didn't kill Yu huaisong! However, I did kill another person!" Fortunately, he learned that Liang Tiantian was ok, and he was half relieved. Being able to switch positions under his nose is a shock in itself. Han stood at the fully open gate, like a mountain in front of him. Outside the building, there was a figure standing still in the rain, without any defense, and was dr "Get out of here and see if I don't tear you to pieces. You little bastard, you son of a bitch, Compared with the first batch of nine Chi Ji class deep sea, only three of them came to the second t "Mr. Song Ziwen is Mr. Song's younger brother. Have you forgotten Liao Zhongkai and Song Jiaoren Luo Li immediately said: "brother Tian, brother Tian, do you see the opposite of Muyang river? A soldier saw the artillery position in the back and immediately yelled after the explosion, He heard it wrong when he was in a trance. "Damn traitor, I will dry your blood, and then refine your bone marrow into ointment and make a long In any case, he couldn't understand what value he had to cooperate with him. Zhang Ye nods with satisfaction and asks, "so, what should I do if I have a cold?" With Mr. Qi's telephone, Xu Bangda and Mr. Xu are indispensable! It's just because our army built Fortifications on the reverse slope first, and they can't d The two sides of the horse with the river and mountain so a cry, suddenly stunned.

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